Your presentation matters! Do it right!

This weekend I was invited over at SQLSaturday Oslo to speak about SQL Server Indexing. I ran into Boris Hristov there and we ended up in a discussion about presentation design, and how it plays a huge role in getting your message across to your audience. As a speaker myself, I couldn’t agree more. The way you design your presentations dictates how your audience picks up the information on your slide deck. After all, at the end of a day the audience might remember one or two things you said during the presentation, but since they frequently have access to the slide deck after the event, the impression you make with your slide deck sticks in their minds far longer.

While we were talking Boris told me he founded a company, a creative agency, just to help people design presentations. Since I know Boris’s presentations are top-notch, both on the graphical level and in getting his message across, I can highly recommend you taking a look at his site //

356labs doesn’t only focus on SQL Server or other IT related presentations, it can help you build a better presentation no matter the topic. So if you are looking for a professional company that can help you design a better presentation, and thus getting the presentation’s message across in a better way, take a look at 356labs!

Ah, and one more thing, these guys can help you not just with the design, but with mentoring, training and anything that touches on presentations which achieve results…

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