Query Store Database Dashboard v1.3 released!

Next to releasing a new version of sp_WhatsupQueryStore, I just released the 1.3 version of the Query Store Database Dashboard!


Release notes:

  • Forced execution plan overview removed Instead you should use sp_WhatsupQueryStore to quickly analyse forced plans by running EXEC sp_WhatsupQueryStore @dbname = ‘your database’, @return_forced_plans = 1.

    You can download sp_WhatsupQueryStore through GitHub at //github.com/Evdlaar/sp_WhatsupQueryStore.

  • Added Queries with multiple plans performance chart. This chart, unlike the other ones, uses a logarithmic scale to improve readability when query duration between plans have large difference between durations.
  • Removed unused datasets.
  • Changed date/time format on x-axis in charts to exclude the date and only show time.
  • Modified queries to avoid potential locking situations.

Give it a try by downloading the file through it’s GitHub page: //github.com/Evdlaar/QueryStoreDashboard

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