How SQL Server statistics are generated and updated

One of the easiest ways to increase query performance on your database is making sure your statistics are up-to-date. Statistics are – if you enabled the options in your database properties – automatically created and updated by the SQL Server Engine. This does not however mean that the statistics are correct or up-to-date! In this […]

Analyzing CXPACKET waits

One of the most common wait types you will see on a SQL Server is the CXPACKET wait type. This wait type is usually at the top of the list when you query the sys.dm_os_wait_stats on servers where you configured the MDOP setting to be anything but ‘1’. CXPACKET waits have everything to do with how your […]

The power of the baseline

There is one thing we all have in common, and a lot of us probably don’t even realize it, baselines! While this is a blog about SQL Server, baseline monitoring isn’t something only DBA’s do. Actually everyone uses baselines in one way or the other. For instance, when you receive your salary you expect it […]

How wait statistics are generated

In our last article “Why wait statistics are important and how you can start collecting them now!” we discussed a method of capturing wait statistics and a way to analyze them. Some background information on how wait statistics are generated by the SQLOS will certainly help you with your analysis! Schedulers The first important part […]

A Tour of the Transaction Log: Part 3 Reading Log Backups

In part one and two of our Tour of the Transaction Log articles we focused on reading events from the active transaction log, there can be times when that will not be enough and we actually have to dig deeper into transaction log backups to find the information we need. In this article I will show you the use […]

A tour of the transaction log: Part 1 INSERT operations

The transaction log is a very important part of SQL Server. Every data modification operation is logged in the transaction log before being ‘hardened’ to the database file. There are plenty of scenarios where you might take a look at the transaction log like point-in-time transaction log backup restores (to stop at a certain LSN) […]

Optimizing SQL Server Backup and Restore

When your databases grow, operations, like a database backup and restore, are going to take a longer time to complete. Maybe at some point you are running out of your time window to complete a database backup or a restore. Instead of expending your time window (if that is even an option) you can use […]