Your presentation matters! Do it right!

This weekend I was invited over at SQLSaturday Oslo to speak about SQL Server Indexing. I ran into Boris Hristov there and we ended up in a discussion about presentation design, and how it plays a huge role in getting your message across to your audience. As a speaker myself, I couldn’t agree more. The […]

Speaking engagements for August and September

August and September are going to be some busy weeks! In those two months I will be speaking on three SQLSaturday events: SQLSaturday #414 Oslo – 29th of August Efficient Indexing Strategies (level 100) SQLSaturday #411 Cambridge – 12th of September Efficient Indexing Strategies (level 100) SQLSaturday #434 Holland – 26th of September Debugging SQL […]

SQL Server 2016 Live Query Statistics

So now that SQL Server 2016 CTP2 is released to the public we can all finally play with all the new features inside SQL Server 2016. You can download SQL Server 2016 CTP2 here: // While I was playing around with all the new features inside SQL Server 2016 (especially Query Store, and some new […]

Announcing Pro SQL Server Wait Statistics

I am very proud to officially announce my first ever SQL Server related book, Pro SQL Server Wait Statistics! As the title suggests, it is a book dedicated to one of my favorite SQL Server topics, Wait Statistics. Inside the book I will go into great detail on how Wait Statistics are generated, how to […]

Speaking at SQLSaturday 376 Budapest

On April 18 2015 I will be speaking at SQLSaturday #376 in Budapest! I will be speaking about one of my favorite SQL Server topics, Wait Statistics. If you plan on attending SQLSaturday Budest and want to learn more about SQL Server Scheduling and resource waits, come visit my session! More information about the event, including the […]

Hangout with Boris Hristov

A couple of days ago I had the great pleasure to join Boris Hristov in one of his awesome SQL Hangouts! This was hangout number 30 (!!) he recorded and it is now available to watch over at his blog: // We talked about how life is for DBA’s working in the healthcare industry and […]

In-Memory OLTP Part 2 : Memory-Optimized tables

In part 1 of the In-memory OLTP articles we gave you an introduction into In-memory OLTP, showing what the requirements are, the limitations and a quick look at the Advisors. In this article we are going to dive a little deeper into a large portion of In-memory OLTP: Memory-Optimized (or In-memory) tables! A large part […]

Looking back on 2014

When a new year comes around it is always a great time to reflect on the previous year. 2014 was a very special year for me, a lot of great stuff happened and I had some great chances to meet new people and travel! First of all, 2014 was the year when I received my […]

Video articles

While thinking of ways to improve the way I can get SQL Server information across to those who follow my blog or read my articles, I came up with a new feature: video articles! Reading an article on the internet is a great way to learn, but viewing or listening to that article in video/audio […]

In-memory OLTP Part 1: Introduction to In-memory OLTP

SQL Server 2014 introduced probably one of the biggest changes to the SQL Server engine since years, “In-memory OLTP” (or Hekaton). In-memory OLTP lets you move tables from your traditional, disk based, storage and moves them directly into the memory (RAM) of your SQL Server instance. Traditional storage throughput and latency can often be a […]