Replay your workload through the Query Store Replay script!

One of the great features of the Query Store is that it stores query execution plans and runtime performance on-disk and makes it easily accessible through its DMVs and built-in reporting. Using the information inside the Query Store can make database migrations to higher SQL Server versions far easier, since you can compare query performance […]

Query Store Database Dashboard v1.3 released!

Next to releasing a new version of sp_WhatsupQueryStore, I just released the 1.3 version of the Query Store Database Dashboard! Release notes: Forced execution plan overview removed Instead you should use sp_WhatsupQueryStore to quickly analyse forced plans by running EXEC sp_WhatsupQueryStore @dbname = ‘your database’, @return_forced_plans = 1. You can download sp_WhatsupQueryStore through GitHub at […]

sp_WhatsupQueryStore v1.2 available

sp_WhatsupQueryStore v1.2 has just been released! In this new version additional parameters are added to control what information is returned and a change has been made to the information that is returned by default. Releasenotes: Changed what information is returned by default when no additional parameters are supplied. In the previous versions of sp_WhatsupQueryStore all […]

sp_WhatsupQueryStore version 1.1 released

Today I released a new version of the sp_WhatsupQueryStore stored procedure. sp_WhatsupQueryStore returns many configuration and performance metrics that are stored inside the SQL Server Query Store through an easy to use stored procedure. In version 1.1 many new optional parameters are added that influence the output of the stored procedure: – @return_store_config : show […]