Finding the last successful CHECKDB

One very important part of your SQL Server maintenance procedure should be running consistency checks on a regular basis using CHECKDB. Not only does CHECKDB check the health of important internal pages of your database like PFS, GAM, IAM and many more, it also check for errors in your data pages (and it does a […]

Query backup history

As a quick script tip for today I’ll show you a script I use regularly for reporting purposes. It shows you the backup history on your instance for successful backups ordered by the most recent first: — Get the latest successful backups — Shows databasename, backup start & end time, duration, backup file, — backup size, […]

Examining PAGEIOLATCH waits

In a previous article we looked at CXPACKET waits, a wait type that is can be on the top of your server’s list if you enabled parallelism using the MDOP setting. Another wait type that you probably will be seeing in your top 10 of waits (unless you have blazing fast storage) is PAGEIOLATCH_XX where the XX is the […]