Video articles

While thinking of ways to improve the way I can get SQL Server information across to those who follow my blog or read my articles, I came up with a new feature: video articles! Reading an article on the internet is a great way to learn, but viewing or listening to that article in video/audio […]

In-memory OLTP Part 1: Introduction to In-memory OLTP

SQL Server 2014 introduced probably one of the biggest changes to the SQL Server engine since years, “In-memory OLTP” (or Hekaton). In-memory OLTP lets you move tables from your traditional, disk based, storage and moves them directly into the memory (RAM) of your SQL Server instance. Traditional storage throughput and latency can often be a […]

Busy times

It has been a pretty long time since my last blog post but with good reason! The last month and a half I have been spending time on some great SQL Server events like SQLSaturday Holland and SQLSaturday Bulgaria. It was great to see so many people willing to invest personal time so they can get […]

Wait Statistics #4 LCK_M_xx

In the 4th article of the Wait Statistics series we will dive into LCK_M_xx waits. This is another wait type you are sure to see in your environment! LCK_M_xx waits As you can guess the LCK_M_xx waits have a relation with locking, they are generated when a query wants to place a lock on an […]

SQL Server column encryption

We use databases to store a lot of information. This can also include sensitive information we don’t want to give everyone access to. While we can use permission or views to ‘hide’ our sensitive information it will still be stored as plain text in our table. We can use column encryption to encrypt that sensitive […]

Speaking at SQLSaturday #336 Holland

I received some great news this week, my session about wait statistics is selected for SQLSaturday #336 in Utrecht, Holland! This will be my first SQLSaturday as a speaker and I am really looking forward to it! There are more than 160 sessions submitted by great SQL Server experts around the world so this SQLSaturday […]

New website

As you can see the webpage has changed! New features are: – Syntax highlighting on code snippets (and easy copy/paste) – Better readability – Faster – Less spam in comments All articles can be viewed again. I tried to update all the internal links, if, however, you find a link that isn’t working please let […]

Examining OLEDB waits

On our adventure through the various types of wait statistics we end up at another popular wait type: OLEDB. In this article we will take a closer look at OLEDB waits to help you understand where they come from. OLEDB OLEDB or, Object Linking and Embedding DataBase, is a Microsoft COM interface to access data. Microsoft describes […]

Finding the last successful CHECKDB

One very important part of your SQL Server maintenance procedure should be running consistency checks on a regular basis using CHECKDB. Not only does CHECKDB check the health of important internal pages of your database like PFS, GAM, IAM and many more, it also check for errors in your data pages (and it does a […]