Switching blog website

For quite some years now I have been active on my blog over at www.dotnine.net. While there was nothing wrong with blogging through that URL I frequently got some feedback that my blog posts were difficult to find. People don’t directly associate DotNine with SQL Server, analytics or my name. So to fix that problem I […]

Speaking at PASS Summit

The title says it all, this year I have been selected as a speaker at the world’s largest Microsoft Data Platform conference: PASS Summit! I will be presenting on one of my favourite topics: In-database analytics inside Microsoft SQL Server (www.pass.org/summit/2018/sessions/details.aspx?sid=76976). So if you happen to be at PASS Summit and want to learn more […]

Crazy Data Science

I am pretty hyped to be able to finally announce a new project of mine that I have been working on for quite some time now: Crazy Data Science! Crazy Data Science is a YouTube channel I created to show off real-world Data Science methods and techniques applied to “interesting” problems. And with interesting I mean cases […]

GroupBy conference recording of Introducing the SQL Server 2016 Query Store available now!

Good news! The recording of my session “Introducing the SQL Server 2016 Query Store” at the GroupBy conference 2 weeks ago is available for your viewing, listening and reading pleasure! //groupby.org/2017/05/introducing-the-sql-server-2016-query-store/ Not only is a video recording available at the page above, but also a podcast version if you prefer only audio and a transcript […]